Backstage News On Tara & D.O.C.’s Release From TNA Wrestling, Rob Van Dam’s TNA Departure

As previously reported, both DOC (Drew Hankinson) and Tara departed from TNA Impact Wrestling this week.

TNA released Tara as a cost-cutting move. She was the company’s highest-paid female wrestler by a high margine and the decision was made to shift that money elsewhere. Regarding Doc’s release, his contract negotiations went on too long and his deal expired. Doc had been figured into creative plans with an eventual babyface turn.

Doc’s departure is being blamed on Bruce Prichard, head of TNA Creative and Talent Relations.

Regarding Rob Van Dam’s release from the company earlier this year, one source claimed that RVD stopped getting his phone calls returned by TNA officials.

More TNA releases are expected and sources insist they will continue to change various things in the company.

Speaking of D.O.C., you can watch a personal message from former WWE official Wes Adams and the former TNA Impact Wrestling Aces and Eight’s member D.O.C. below:

Wes Adams’ debut column is already up exclusively on You can read part one of Adams’ debut, “Official’s View With Wes Adams,” column by clicking here.

(Source: PWInsider)