Backstage News On The 2014 Royal Rumble Match, Did WWE Consider Daniel Bryan?, More

– The feeling within WWE was that this year’s 30-man Rumble match was a good one but there were no real highlights besides the Kofi Kingston spot. One reason for this is officials didn’t start laying out the match with the wrestlers in the arena until 6pm in the evening. Jamie Noble was the head agent for the match so everything falls on him.

– At no point did WWE consider putting Daniel Bryan into the 30-man Royal Rumble match on Sunday.

– The decision was made to replace Bad News Barrett and Xavier Woods with JBL and El Torito in the Rumble match.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • James Humwood

    Terrible while el Torito was funny it was unessacary I mean do we really believe wwe will push him… It was stupid instead of what wwe considers comedy they should have gave the spot to Barrett he ha huge potential and laugh if u will but I’m liking his gimmick it’s funny as he’ll and as for woods I’m not sure but wwe should have atleast put him in to see what he could do

    • Cody McKrell

      Eltorito funny is more funny than bad news funny. Faster, too, without the need for a mic or a scissor lift. Wwe knows what woods can do and so do i. Id much rather laugh at things like jbl, kofi and the punk forehead spot.

  • David Garcia

    I have to wonder why WWE wouldn’t bring Pat Patterson in for the day just as a consultant. He’s still in the WWE family, even if he is retired, and this match is his baby.

    • Cody McKrell

      I dont know how up to date you are with what nintendo does or doesnt do but, right now, theyre struggling as a company almost exclusively because theyve been dependant on the same same two or three guys to keep their company relevant for 30 years and havent given the younger guys in development much room to grow or experiment without their all knowing approval. Needless to say, now that their older guys are out of ideas, the younger guys really have no idea how to contribute. Its kind of the same thing with wwe, or it was at least.

      The product may not always turn out as good as it could, but theres something to be said for preparing the talent you will have for the next thirty years while the older guys are still there to help rather than waiting for these guys to quit or pass on and then telling the new guys, whove never tasted responsibility before, ‘hey, make this thing youve never worked on before more spectacular than it’s ever been.’

      Despite all the hate and the shitty ending no one wanted, this rumble, to me, was damn good and enjoyable from beginning to end. Im probably trading in my smartmark credibility here, but i enjoyed the jbl and eltorito spots and dont really think the addition of two other midcarder eliminations wouldve added much more than length to the match.

      • David Garcia

        Do you know what consultants do? They don’t come in, take over, and run things where everybody answers to them or needs their approval. They are there to be available for input and advice…and sometimes they just end up sitting there. And if you’re in flux as reports suggest, with changes being made hours before the show, then that’s the exact scenario when you need consultants on standby who can come in and help carry the overload in the short term.

        I too thought the Rumble was perfectly fine.

      • Bryan Thomas

        This is why i believe ambrose will be a top guy. Because he already has multi dimensions to his character. Three guy with most personality are punk, wyatt and ambrose. Shades of pre pg era