Backstage News On The 2014 WWE Hall Of Fame; Possible Diva Induction, Celebrity, More

Multiple sources have confirmed that the late Paul Bearer is in the plans for this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony from New Orleans. There is said to be a third star of the caliber of Jake Roberts and The Ultimate Warrior that will be going in also.

There’s no word yet if WWE still plans on inducting the WrestleMania I main event itself and the participants but the company is really pushing for Mr. T to accept an induction, but he’s turned them down several times in the past. Regarding Danny Hodge being inducted, the feeling is that if it doesn’t happen this year, it never will. Hodge was a big star in New Orleans back in the 1960’s.

Another name being discussed for this year is Lita.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • James Humwood

    Lita easily one of the top 5 divas of all time and macho man better be that big name should have been in years ago I don’t know what wwe problem is he obviously deserves the induction also paul bearer best manager if all time the second would be paul heyman in my opinion both should go in… And I’d be fine with mr.t going in he is legendary just hope wwe doesn’t induct the match in the hall because that would just be dumb wouldn’t make sense

    • Bryce Lozier

      The problem with Randy Savage is he refused to go in while he was alive, unless WWE also agreed to put in his father (Angelo Poffo) and his brother (Lanny Poffo) as well, and WWE balked at that… and the issue with Savage going in posthumously is that it would likely be Lanny accepting on Randy’s behalf, and Lanny purportedly wants nothing to do with WWE at this point.