Backstage News On The Rock’s WWE Return, Not Returning Until 2015?

It appears that at least for right now, WWE is reportedly going with the assumption that The Rock won’t be back next year as a short-term character as he has been for the past three years.

According to information given to a major licensee this past week, they were told not to produce any merchandise involving The Rock. They were told he could be used as far as a group shot of Superstars goes but not to produce anything specific because he was not going to be featured until 2015.

This was taken as a sign that The Rock is not going to do WrestleMania XXX. We still don’t know if Rock has said this or not to WWE officials. It could be that an assumption was made over the call to not merchandise him individually.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • jason

    good… now *MAYBE* they can try & convince SCSA to square off against punk at WM30. give him a heads-up now (allowing him to get in shape on his own time), a huge payday for a couple of raw events leading u to WM.
    I know its been several yrs for the guy… but punk could easily carry the match either way. besides, whatever injuries SC has accumulated over the yrs… certainly
    one match won’t kill the guy.

  • hbk32

    “Ill never leave again” – The Crock

  • Raj Kumar Maran

    i want the rock back,
    Champ Forever