Backstage News On The Undertaker Possibly Wrestling Another Match

The possibility of The Undertaker and Sting facing off in a “dream match” appears slim as word is that Taker may have already wrestled his last match.

Undertaker has been telling those close to him that although he doesn’t completely rule out wrestling again, he does not expect to.

“The last we had heard, which was, I don’t know what a month or two ago, it feels like a bit over a month ago, Undertaker was saying that he did not expect to ever wrestle again, but he didn’t rule it out 100%, he just didn’t expect it,” Dave Meltzer said recently on Wrestling Observer Radio.

It was reported in June that The Undertaker was in bad shape after suffering multiple injuries in his WrestleMania XXX match with Brock Lesnar. Although he has been training in the gym, the possibility of a match next year at WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara, California was “not looking good.”

  • CMP

    “It might not happen but also it might happen.” Every Meltzer “scoop” since day one.

  • Joshua Hayden

    wasn’t Dave Meltzer the one that said John Cena was going to turn heel, has that happen yet and Punk would return? where is the source of Mr. Meltzer’s inside scoops…. tired of hearing these rumors, if the undertaker doesn’t come back, he doesnt come back its not really a big deal. The Undertaker has done enough to take time off and miss a wrestlemania, for god sake he is 52 years old people; just sit back and enjoy WWE, ROH, TNA and any other wrestling promotions

  • thatpj

    Then Taker did the right thing and went out on his back