Backstage News On The WWE Survivor Series Main Event, Latest On Kane’s Mask, More

– While Big Show vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title is being considered for the Survivor Series pay-per-view, they are also considering a major tag match main event for the show.

The Triple H vs. Big Show match may be saved for December’s TLC pay-per-view to help with buys.

– Another source has confirmed that WWE decided to remove Kane’s mask so he can be more identifiable when WWE Studios’ begins promoting See No Evil 2 on TV. Kane will be working without the mask going forward.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Richard Martinez

    Kane needs the mask. They should have never taken it off. This is stupid. Never thought I’d say this but I’m bored with Kane.

  • Wrestling-Dog

    Prefer him without the mask anyway to be fair. He so ugly, he’s scarier with it off.

  • Rick Bulow

    I think another reason Kane is going maskless is so people can get used to him without it should he decide to make a run for the Tennessee Senate or Congressional seat

  • chandler

    Kane is being a woos now and he needs to team up with his brother the undertaker and become The Brothers Of Destruction

    • JJ185

      They are both getting too old. Their bodies just can’t handle it. That is why kane has become corporate and undertaker only returns for wrestlemania.

  • chandler

    LET’S GO KANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET’S GO KANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET’S GO KANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cade187

    He was scarier as Isaac Yankum, DDS.

  • 42

    Kane is borin. The very first mask was crazier. N with da movies. He should of worn da mask. Shit would of been better

  • JoshDeeks

    Come on…..
    Kane is better without the mask I think he is an idiot and now that he has took off his mask a lot of backstage mirrors are gonna be broken

  • JoshDeeks

    I meant he needs the mask on

  • JoshDeeks

    The undertaker is a wimp that’s why he only returns for wm but let’s see what happens this yr

    • Chris Law

      I`d like to see you say that to his face.LOL.

    • JoshDeeksisAdelusionaldickhead

      Wimp? The guys been wrestling for like 30 years, I’d like to see you do it for one night and see how your body feels..give it a try after you’ve successfully completed puberty

    • Timmy Stewart

      And you’re a tool. Wimp? The guy impresses more once a year than you probably have in your entire life. When you have a legacy like his feel free to talk shit.