Backstage News On Dixie Carter Not Being Approachable Like She Once Was, TNA Morale

When you talk to some TNA staffers and office workers, there’s bitterness with the feeling that the company doesn’t appreciate their hard work. There hasn’t been a lot of raises within the past few years and apparently that has some unhappy.

There’s also a feeling that Dixie Carter doesn’t come off as approachable as she once was. It’s said that she’s not going out of her way to speak to anyone anymore, seems to be in her own world and waits for people to come to her, despite not being as approachable as she used to be.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Jay Ciaravino

    All I read there, is that Dixie is a bad manager, which was already apparent.

  • trevwinters

    She doesn’t know what the hell to do with the sinking ship that is TNA….it will sink more sooner than later, mark my words…