Backstage News On Triple H Returning To The Ring, See No Evil 2 Filming To Begin

– Triple H is expected to wrestle twice between now and WrestleMania XXX. A match against Big Show has been rumored.

– Filming will begin on September 23rd in Vancouver, British Columbia for WWE’s See No Evil 2, starring Kane. The movie is currently scheduled for a straight-to-DVD release. Kane has been resting up and preparing for the movie.

(Partial source: PWInsider)

  • xnyer

    Lets hope that the Big Show can get a victory over HHH…………The bulling by HHH and the shield is getting old already…..and the WWE is against bulling…….

    • Robert Hodges

      not stopping there looks like truth going coporate !!!

      • Robert Hodges

        at H.I.A.C.

    • cc

      whuuuuut, i’m sorry dude but do you hear the boo’s they are getting, if you think this is getting old then you are definitely in the minority.

  • jason

    wrestling is entertainment… they don’t promote bullying in the real world. wrestling is built on the good vs. evil concept. someone has to play the villain. otherwise its just a bunch of men in a tickling competition.

  • Sterling Callaway

    yea we need him back in the ring..yea he never gets on tv…yawn

  • Salman Saleem

    Triple H vs Big Show could prove to be a good match. World’s Largest Athlete can compete with The Game over his corporate heal authority actions. Big Show with his iron-clad contract can challenge the Cerebral Assassin soon.