Backstage News On Triple H & Stephanie Taking On Bigger Role In WWE, Vince-Warrior

It’s said that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have taken on more of a leadership role within WWE over the past few weeks. They had more control than ever at WrestleMania XXX this year.

While Vince McMahon is in charge and won’t be stepping down any time soon, there’s a feeling of a transition period within WWE.

On a related note, it was Triple H that informed the WWE talents of The Ultimate Warrior’s passing. Warrior’s death had Vince really shaken up.


  • pancho

    Good. They did a great job with WM30 and the build up. Wish we could have had a better build for Taker-Brock, but I get it with Brock’s contract. Thought the streak ending was great (although I am sure that had more to do with Taker’s call than Trips/Steph). Still, glad to see them in charge and I like the push of the future talents that is taking place. Too bad Punk had to be a little bitch. He could have made that card that much better.

  • Jonathan Baylor

    Triple H and Steph are making WWE somewhat unbearable to watch. They have to have their guy has champion. They just be heard and not be seen.

    • attitudeadjustmentera

      You must admit, raw was awesome this week

    • pancho

      Then don’t watch. Are you not happy with Daniel Bryan as champ?

      • Jonathan Baylor

        Of course I am so happy that Bryan is the champ. I just that this story line what’s best for business goes away. I watch RAW every week.

    • Josh Hall

      It is said Daniel Bryan will remain champion until WM31 when daniel bryan will be defending his belt with brock lesnar,

      WWE is sticking it to CMPUNK (even tho im a big fan of him, im fucking pissed off with him)

      daniel bryan took the triple h match, daniel bryan got into the main event match (cant have 2 heels for the wwhc match.

      now WWE want to find someone to take over the longest reign of 434 days, and they actually want D-bry to do it, The authority is just a storyline

      i actually enjoy watching them bitch and complain and not get there way on monday night raw, its great! its entertainment! and when steph gets mad her nose turns into tripleH nose!

      • Jonathan Baylor

        I wouldn’t have a problem that if Brock was full time but from I have heard he is just part time. I don’t like Brock.

  • attitudeadjustmentera

    Well whoever was in charge of this week’s raw deserves a standing ovation. Bravo