Backstage News On Two Planned WWE Royal Rumble Returns, WWE Facing Major Competition

– As of this past week, the plan is for both John Cena and Sheamus to be surprise returns at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in January. One WWE source said with both of them returning on the same night, it seems doubtful that another big surprise like Jake “The Snake” Roberts would be factored into the 30-man match.

– It’s no secret that WWE is facing major ratings competition as the NFL’s Monday Night Football returns this coming week. At this past Monday’s RAW, a lot of people were asking why WWE didn’t book a major angle to set up a mega-match on Monday’s RAW to go against the NFL. Nobody had an answer.


  • Noel Lackey

    I still don’t see why they wouldn’t put Jake in. Its not like this is his return to WWE for a long time run. It is a once off appearance and the Rumble is a perfect place for just that.

  • Geoff

    Goldust, Jericho > Sheamus, Cena.

  • Miguel Tolentino

    I hope they don’t even get close to winning if those two end up in the last four its already a waste.

    • Jacob June

      You know some corporate favorite like Cena or Sheamus will win it. The only shocker for me is if someone who needs to win it wins it, like Cody Rhodes or Damien Sandow.

      • ChrisUK92

        sandow won’t win it. the saviour of the unwashed masses will be whc by then

      • bengalsmarvel

        Yoshi Tatsu! Hahahahahahahaha

  • bengalsmarvel

    Now that we live in the DVR days i think WWE knows that people will still watch it one way or another plus they have hulu, .com and the app

  • Chronkite

    If Cena and Sheamus returning would be the ‘surprise’, I’d much rather have Jake be in the rumble, and Cena and Sheamus sit the whole thing out.

  • WWE RaZaR

    What about Goldberg? What if he came back early!?