Backstage News On Vince & Triple H Making Decisions, Creative News On Daniel Bryan, More

Right now when it comes to power and making decisions within WWE, there are a lot of people involved in the process but the only real key decision makers are Vince McMahon and Triple H.

Regarding everything changing on Mondays, RAW is WWE’s big priority and as of late, they don’t even start talking about what they are going to do on SmackDown until Monday afternoon. Then around 6pm, Vince will want the writing team to give him a SmackDown main event so it can be promoted on RAW, and then the writers start scrambling for a match. This is why SmackDown and Main Event matches on RAW frequently change.

The reason this week’s CM Punk vs. a member of The Shield match was promoted is because as of around 10pm on Monday night, Vince still hadn’t made up his mind on which of the three Shield members would best fit as Punk’s opponent.

Regarding Daniel Bryan’s recent push, it’s not that creative didn’t want him to get revenge, a WWE Title win or even some kind of symbolic win, it’s that nobody else really has the kind of influence except Vince and Triple H.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • BigCountry

    No offense but that’s not really news its been that way for like two plus years and everyone figured that out after NOC

  • Trav815

    “they don’t even start talking about Smackdown until Monday afternoon.” And it shows!

  • Jake Fury

    What intrigues me is the way the writers starts ‘scrambling for a match.’ It is not the first time I have seen words like this used about the writers. Sometimes it almost sounds like they are just sitting around the table, like statues, frozen in fear in case they do something wrong. Then HHH and Vince walk in, and go around to each one of them, staring them out, before choosing one who’s contract they terminate.