Backstage News On When Seth Rollins May Face His Former Partners, Reigns vs. Orton, HHH

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns is currently planned for the June 29th WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view.

The idea is that Reigns vs. Rollins would happen at Battleground with Reigns vs. Triple H happening at SummerSlam.


  • Wrestling_fan

    Not sure whether this would happen or not but if it does, where does this leave Ambrose? Cuz if this scenario happens, it probably means Rollins defeats Ambrose at MITB & Reigns defeats Rollins at Battleground, but then again, this news comes from Dave Meltzer!
    Having said that, it isn’t necessary that one of the Shield members HAS to be a mid-card in the future (as some people thought about Rollins before & now about Ambrose). Even all members of Evolution turned out to future main eventers. A guy can dream!

    • Das

      Both Ambrose and Rollins deserves to be Main Eventers. However I can’t say the same about Reigns sorry

      • Wrestling_fan

        That’s the thing! Like you said, Ambrose & Rollins DESERVE to be main eventers but Reigns WILL be a main eventer whether you or I or anyone likes it or not (with the way wwe has been pushing him).
        IMO, even though he has improved since his debut, he still isn’t the star main eventer WWE is trying to make him be! Too much push too soon! As a singles competitor, his matches will be similar to Cena (at least Cena can cut a decent promo). Reigns (like orton) will be used to keep the chicks happy (sorry to generalize this ladies, but oh it’s true, it’s damn true).

        • Das

          Yeah despite hating Cena, he’s at least better than Reigns on the mic. Ambrose is brilliant on the mic, and is good in-ring. Just don’t see him as a face. And would be arguably WWE’s #1 Heel in the future. Rollins is brilliant in-ring and decent on the mic. Top baby-face right there. His heel run will be short IMO. He could easily be the Shawn Michaels of this era. And I really don’t like Reigns. Reigns have been getting most of the cheers and stuff but it’s really Ambrose and Rollins who has been carrying him. Both of them so much experienced. Would’ve loved to see how Reigns would’ve ended if it weren’t for the Shield. But like you said, if WWE decides that Reigns is a main eventer and one who’ll bring in the money for Vince, then we can’t do anything about it.

        • Bryan

          Very true

  • Necro

    The way this is going, there’s a possibility all 3 of these guys can be main eventers!

  • Bryan

    I’m getting tired of dave meltzer.

  • jmull

    These guys are projects of HHH, his ego alone will make them all main event players. Just look at how Orton and Batista have been shoved down our throats for 10 years. If they would retire the US title and elevate the IC title, they would have more room at the top.

  • codys moustache

    So Rollins defeats Ambrose and reigns beat Orton. Unless rollins interferes and costs rollins the match which should happen because it will highlight the fact that Ambrose and reigns are nothing with Rollins.

  • Summer Love

    but wasn’t it rollins decision to leave the shield