Backstage News On Why WWE Diva Has Been Off Of TV

As has been reporting, WWE Diva Layla has been off of TV for over a month and had been absent from social media for about a month before returning last week.

Word is that Layla was removed from the road due to some unknown medical issues she had to deal with. There is no concrete word on when she will be brought back. The story is that she was given time off for the medical issue that came up, and that WWE was aware of it and fine with it.

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(Source: PWInsider Elite)

  • awsumecks


  • bengalsmarvel

    Thats sad because she is one of the best divas

  • Glitched

    we want Kaitlyn back too!!

  • DJS

    I heard knee problems, which is understandable. The injury a few years ago was a really bad one so even with a brace, it’d take it’s toil. She’ll be back…with any luck. They’ve kept her this long, I don’t see why they’d suddenly release her off the back of medical issues, that’s a crappy thing to do.

  • awsumecks

    I’m just annoyed that the more we see of Eva Marie, the less we see of Kaitlyn.