Backstage News On Why Emmalina Announced The Makeover Of Emmalina To Emma On RAW

After a four-month process of transforming Emma into Emmalina, she finally showed up on Raw before pulling the rug out from under them and revealing it was a one-night only engagement.

Emmalina was onstage for about a minute, showing off her new look before announcing that she would be undergoing yet another makeover: from Emmalina back into Emma.

According to a report by Pro Wrestling Sheet on Tuesday, WWE officials really did have big plans for the Emmalina character. But after multiple rehearsals, they felt she couldn’t pull off what they were looking for and nixed it.

According to WWE sources, Emmalina was intended to be a throwback to past WWE Divas, such as Sable and The Kat. However, her debut was delayed after officials felt that she wasn’t committing enough to the role. So now they want Emma to go back to her old heel character.

Pro Wrestling Sheet was told that officials are still big fans of the character’s concept, which is why they held hope it would work out. So it’s possible that someone else will portray the character in the future.

  • autobotrule

    And after Wrestlemania she will be cut and going to TNA!!! What a waste of effort!!

    • JustusX

      If TNA is up and runnin’…. and
      If Emma is cut…. and
      If she goes to TNA, hopefully she’ll be given the chance to grow and shine. WWE fans need to understand and realize that this is why unless WWE drops some serious dollahs on them, the Hardys aren’t going back to WWE. And they have done this with numerous other characters and talents.

  • Hulkamania

    That was a very very awkward segment WWE did with Emma. WWE should just give up on the Emmalina crap and have Emma go out, shoot on the Emmalina gimmick and become a super heel Emma again like she was in NXT.

    • Darren Zancan

      Glad you read the article, which said that…

  • Sam

    No one wanted Emmalina though, everyone wanted the heel Emma from NXT etc, anyway

  • Emanuel Pugh

    She should leave, NOW.She is wasted talent in WWE.


    She couldn’t pull off pulling off her clothes?