Backstage News On Why Paul Heyman Was Moved Away From Cesaro On Monday’s WWE Raw

Paul Heyman was moved away from Cesaro this week on RAW because Brock Lesnar is returning soon, likely as early as next Monday’s post-Battleground RAW from Miami.

This may not be the end of Heyman and Cesaro’s relationship but word is that they were separated, at least for now, because of Lesnar’s return.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • thatpj

    Cesaro is now buried. Remember when he won a made up event in WM30? Funny some other sites thought that meant something.

  • Larry

    They were supposed to “Push” him but with losses to Koffi and Big E, Id say that things didn’t go as they hoped and now starts his downward spiral to the Midcard junkyard.

  • arlowoodenhead

    The man won the US title without Heyman. How is it a push when Heyman talks about nothing but Brock when he is supposed to be Cesaro’s advocate too? Cesaro is better off without him and certainly doesn’t need him.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Cesarro was better off without Heyman unless they are planning on a Cesaro/Lesnar feud which is unlikely

  • John O’Riley

    He was better off turning face after he won that battle royal. He had the fans behind him with that giant swing.

  • jmull


    • ksedude

      WWE writers are not that great at thinking long term apparently. They could have at least had even a 2 minute backstage segment where Heyman offered some kind of explanation.

  • Kurama91

    BULLSHIT, LeSnar beat taker for NO REASON. we haven seen that beast since April. Shame on you WWE Writers.

  • Harps Starkz

    Cesaro + Rusev = Lana would be dope