Backstage News On Why Ryback Has Heat With WWE Officials, How Vince McMahon May React

There has been lots of internal talk about the future of Ryback lately. He has heat on him for several different things.

For one, officials feel Ryback hasn’t really developed well in the ring like they were hoping. There’s a feeling that Ryback has actually regressed in the ring. He also has heat on him for roughing up several different talents, most recently CM Punk.

Officials also feel that Ryback doesn’t present himself well when making appearances for the company. WWE has gotten feedback on several appearances he’s made over the past few months where people said he didn’t look happy to be there, and this began before they turned him heel. One source described it as Ryback seeming to be annoyed by making public appearances.

It’s said the “bloom is off the rose” with Ryback unless he turns things around. Vince McMahon has lost so much faith in Ryback that he may remove Paul Heyman from him so Heyman can move forward.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Andrew

    Haha. So they give him axel, only for him to shortly be ignored for Ryback to join – and not he’ll dump him too? Ouch! They really need to find someone who isnt BORING (axel) or who sucks in the ring (ryback) for him to manage..heymans too great to have such crap “clients.”

  • Terri Bey

    Um. Why did they think he could wrestle/work in the first place?

    • The ham

      No duh you douche. The guy was overrated from the beginning.

  • ray stewart

    He sucked as “skips” now he sucks as Ryback. So why keep useless talent around?

  • Antcorleone

    Wwe is the only one to blame for this!! When he first came, they made him wrestle “jobbers” in handicap matches… Mind you, we haven’t seen a “jobber” since before the attitude era!!…lmao then from there he was just thrown into main event matches, & giving world title shots… Then you randomly make him heel for no real reason… He is just one of many careers wwe decided to ruin, before it had a chance to get started!!

  • msprink

    Ryback was much better being a babyface than a heel. Get rid of Heyman and let us have the old Ryback we all pulled for and loved. I’m a short time he’d be the heavyweight champ.

  • Jimbob Shadley

    Give Paul heyman a real star at hell in a cell or on have heyman bring out Chris hero aka kassius ohno and let it be cm punk vs hero/ohno at SS

  • Lucille Pfundt

    I wouldn’t be surprised that Heyman and Ryback be fired after losing to Cm Punk Sunday. The WWE already has one Homo so why have 3

    • STS

      Wow!!! Really!!! The Homo thing. REALLY!!!!

  • WWE is fake people!

    People it’s fake get over it! A bunch of grown men playing in ring and people paying good money to see a bunch of fake crap!

    • Trent Dickeson

      Its called Sports Entertainment. It is designed to entertain people and if someone is failing to entertain the fan base then they garner heat. If you wasn’t an idiot maybe you would realize it. TV shows and movies are fake too, but people keep watching them.

      • Stupid People Everywhere!

        Come on dude. If you’re going to insult someone by calling them an idiot at least appear as if you are able to pass a 2nd grade grammar class. Idiot.

        • Lye Lying Lion

          Perfect use of punctuation professor.

          • grammar Nazi

            You missed a comma.

    • Second City Saint117

      No shit but so is the nfl lol. At least the WWE ADMITS IT.

    • Lye Lying Lion

      Did you by chance go to the new york times with ground breaking information?

    • grammar Nazi

      You missed a comma…

  • Sonny

    If Ryback sucks, then The Great Khali must be otrocious. Lmao. Ryback sure has a lot of potential. Although, he doesn’t have that NEXT BIG THING quality like Big E. Langston.

  • Fluffy the best

    He’s a Bully. The wwe is suppose to be against bullies but they have one who runsaround hurting others for no reason. TThat’s a bully.

  • Second City Saint117

    The wwe has TOTALLY wasted this guys talents!

    He is at least HALF as athletic as Goldberg.

    He is 10xs better on the mic than goldberg was….ryback has PERSONALITY.



    WWE OFFICALS SUCK….just ask Dolph Ziggler.

  • Dorian Twist

    Good. Let’s give Punk the clean victory, squash Ryback and end this feud with Heyman. Then pair Paul up with a returning Wade Barrett.

  • Dorian Twist

    Ryback is horrible in the ring, on the mic… Not once have I been drawn in by one of his promos and I have certainly never been entertained by any of his matches, Unless they are 6-man tag matches or something of that nature.

  • Dorian Twist

    Fire Him Now. Fire Him Now. chant with me.
    Fire Him Now you get the idea.

  • Lye Lying Lion

    They need to turn him face and team him up with a agile wrestler like Kofi Kingston. Threw the years a powerhouse cruiser-weight face team is usually a fan favorite.

  • MinusDarrin

    They should have known they were in trouble with Ryback when he had a terrible match with CM Punk. NO ONE has a terrible match with Punk. That means Ryback is so bad not even Punk can carry him. I’ll be glad when he is back in mid to low card, I have never been impressed with Ryback.

    • Ben Fuller

      Agreed. Ryback is a goldberg rip off anyway and goldberg had more talent yhan ryback

  • tiler095

    I have been watching WWE for years and years, but have never been so dissatisfied as I am now. This attitude that Stephanie and HHH have is in very bad taste. WWE promotes beinng against Bullies yet they show a different attitude on the RAW and Smackdown shows. Both Stephanie and HHH are showing a bully attitude towards Bryan. Orten has gone back to his mean wrestling ways. There are too many matches being messed up with outside have 3 nobodies holding titles because of interference. Are matches all going to be settled by interference?? I always liked the really good matches that showed the talent of the wrestlers, not who has the most wins with help from outside the ring. Rybackhas as much talent as Big show and Mark Henry. Work him along those lines.

  • ARTICFOX7000

    Ryback was really not booked right by creative at all. Like Mason Ryan these guys have talent, but WWE refuses to use it correctly. At this point, Ryback needs to win a title, then go on to wrestle taker at mania. First he needs a winning streak, before he loses to taker. All of this would restore his creditability in the ring. Or move on to TNA.