Backstage News On Why WWE Is Pushing Big Show, Latest On Daniel Bryan’s Status

Big Show is main eventing WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view with Randy Orton because there’s a renewed effort within WWE to put larger or bigger wrestlers in the spotlight. This is the reason for Show being pushed and why we’ve seen more of Luke Harper and The Great Khali lately.

There’s a feeling that Daniel Bryan was on top for a few months and WWE’s pay-per-view buyrates have been down during that period. The feeling among upper management is that Bryan isn’t a larger than life wrestler and that’s what fans want. They feel a guy like Bryan should be on the mid-card having great matches.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Phil Kimberley

    Then management are idiots.

  • Mike Byron

    Hear hear Phil. I’ll be at RAW and Smackdown this coming week and I can guarantee if the main event involves the Big Show, I’ll be leaving early.

  • Possum

    That’s on WWE for their low ratings!!!! Daniel Bryan did his job but why put him in main events and not let him win or take the belt the following night on Raw?!?!

  • CS 22

    It’s funny WWE would feel like this about size, considering the “small guy” has gotten the biggest pops of the year..

  • Jay

    WWE Logic for ya lol

  • Jim Foreman

    Yeah i agree – why put the belt on guys like Punk and Bryan who get cheered all the time, deliver the best matches and promos and virtually guarantee a great segment. No, lets give it to wrestlers, sorry superstars, who have always been in the limelight. Then wonder why the fans get bored.

    • The YinYang

      Jim, I don’t know what you are talking about? Khali and Ryback are fantastic on the mic!

  • saulewright

    ….khali even? lmao

  • Joe D’Agostino

    “The feeling among upper management is that Bryan isn’t a larger than life wrestler and that’s what fans want.” That is the stupidest thing I have ever read. Daniel Bryan is the most over guy in the company, yet they think he is not what the fans want. This logic is the most frustrating thing to comprehend, like does anyone in the back have eyes or ears?

    I think both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are both more over than John Cena. Cena is obviously the most marketable guy, but when he comes out its always a 60-40 split. CM Punk and Bryan have the ENTIRE crowd on their side. And I am not knocking Cena because I think he is still massively over.

    The point I am trying to make is that the ENTIRE crowd wants to see these guys like Punk and Bryan be at the top. Why put the the most over guys in the mid card? They did that with Punk all last year and most of the main event matches with Cena fell flat because Punk was always stealing the show and getting the loudest reaction.

    WWE’s perception on what the fans want is so out of touch its ridiculous.

  • Negatist

    What baffles me is how much momentum Dolph Ziggler has lost since he lost the World Title. This guy is just another example of someone with MEGA talent getting buried by WWE management… what… because he got hurt?? Gimme a break!

    • Jay Ciaravino

      No, because, from what I’ve read anyway, he has a bad attitude. It’s been reported that he thinks very highly of himself, and management is trying to humble him a bit. Same as with The Miz. I don’t know that I agree with it, but that’s what I’ve read.

      • Negatist

        The Miz is a total asshole.

        • Jay Ciaravino


          • Negatist

            If there’s anyone with an attitude problem, and on top of that a complete and utter annoyance, it’s the Miz. I really want to see him jobbed out of WWE. Why they ever made him a WWE champ, or even a U.S. champ is beyond me… Even Zack Ryder deserved it more than he ever did.

          • Jay Ciaravino

            I agree. Miz comes off as one who is entitled to something. I can’t stand anything about the guy. Ziggler is a fantastic wrestler, and I hope whatever it is they are doing, ends up with him on top. He could definitely draw a crowd if they give him the push.

  • Brandon Parkison

    Orton is why the buyrate sucked…. Battleground is why the buy rate sucked.

  • Lilith

    Wow could they be more wrong? DBD is the best thing to happen to the company and the crapped all over what was a gold mine. Now we’re stuck with Super Cena, Randy Orton, and a rehash of 1998. Good job guys.

  • Giovanni

    Big show matches…. He fights like a giant at first, slaps the dudes chest. gets a little pop then they him him in the legs/knee area over and over and take over the match…. always the same shit with show. he cant do much in the ring.

  • Jay Ciaravino

    I got no problem with smaller guys being champ. I’m not a big fan of Bryan’s, and I agree that he shouldn’t be on top, but it has nothing to do with his size. Punk proved for over a year that a small guy can be on top and be successful. And if you are going to go to BIGGER is BETTER, please give us something more than Big Show and Kahli. Seriously, you’ve got Big E, Titus O’neil, Roman Reigns. Big Show? *YAWN!!!

  • Ǎ.Ĵ.

    .khali is wasting time who realy wants to see him in a match anyway i had rather see daniel bryan and cm punk and did i say randy orton SUCKS

  • ChrisUK92

    they reasons the buyrates are low is because the writing is rubbish

    • Negatist

      Not too sure it’s the writing as much as it is upper management turning down the writing…

      • ChrisUK92

        well if they have to rewrite the raw script every week it can’t be that great. U can’t say the big show storyline is well written

        • Negatist

          But that’s because no one can seem to stick to making decisions!!!

    • Negatist

      Well, you’re probably not far from the rubbish can yourself, though….

  • The YinYang

    I will be done in a second, so I went through and looked at the buyrates for the past five years….this is from WWE financial statements.

    SUMMERSLAM 2013: 296 (Bryan v Cena)
    SUMMERSLAM 2012: 358 (Lesnar v HHH)
    SUMMERSLAM 2011: 296 (Punk v Cena)
    SUMMERSLAM 2010: 350 (WWE v Nexus)
    SUMMERSLAM 2009: 369 (Orton v Cena/Punk v Hardy)

    NOC 2013: 175 (Bryan v Orton)
    NOC 2012: 189 (Punk v Cena/Sheamus v Del Rio)
    NOC 2011: 161 (HHH v Punk)
    NOC 2010: 165 (Kane v UNDERTAKER, 6 man WWE Championship challenge)
    NOC 2009: 169 (Hardy v Punk/Cena v Orton v HHH)

    It actually looks like the Daniel Bryan story line brought in a nice buyrate for NOC! In fact better than some of the “draws” of the past right HHH, face of the WWE?

    It seems that the problem is that WWE makes Summerslam and every other PPV generic…the attraction that these events can be larger than life. Frankly they are not.

  • Willey

    no, the reason why buyrates have been down is because Cena has not been on the PPVs, like it or not Cena does equal money

  • Willey

    and Randy vs Big Show is not money, I would not pay for that, I would pay for Cesaro vs Cena though

    • Leeyah

      Are you serious? ! Seek help fast

      • Willey

        yeah, I am serious, Orton and Show are not a draw, making them face each other will not do anything, a bigger draw would be HHH vs Show because there is actual build up there, Show has just been interacting with Orton because of HHH. If Survivor Series does do well it will be because of Bryan and Punk teaming

  • Travis Matrious

    It’s not Bryan’s fault the buy rates are bad. It’s because no one cares, or even knows about, the other matches. For example, remember when the IC belt actually meant something!? The WWE has quite possibly some of the best and most talented wrestlers right now and what are they doing? Nothing.I agree with Punk that Tyson Kidd is a stud, but he’s not catchy enough so throw a mask on him and let him wrestle dark matches. Damien Sandow is awesome, well let’s put him in the FREE match. Antonio Cesaro is arguably one of the strongest superstars ever, if not currently. Let’s make him mildly racist and have him swing people around.