Backstage News On Why WWE Released Mason Ryan, How He Was Seen Off-Camera

Regarding why WWE recently released Mason Ryan, officials felt that he wasn’t improving at a fast enough rate. Ryan was well-liked and didn’t have an ego.

It was noted that it must have taken a lot for WWE to release Ryan because he has the size they like and WWE liked the idea of having a Superstar babyface from Wales.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Clay Keithstone Merritt

    Oh boy. Somebody might as well start the rumors that Batista got him fired because Mason and Batista look similar. I’m sure somebody will start that rumor.

    • Ǎ.Ĵ.

      you just did

      • Jam

        ba dum tss

  • RadicalRhys

    I liked the idea of having a babyface from Wales in WWE too! >=-(
    (Sulks in a corner in his stereotypical welsh rugby shirt eating welsh cakes and holding a leek… oh my country)

  • Latoya

    That isn’t good enough in my opinion. They have plenty of superstars that haven’t debuted yet or they have superstars on the main roster that still need work. If they really liked him and his gimmick they should have kept him. Honestly, what’s the difference between Mason and Rusev?

  • Mondo

    Mason Ryan has been with WWE for about 6 years and still sucks. His in-ring abilities are awful so I am not surprised by this at all. The person who made the link between Ryan and Rusev has a good point. Rusev is only slightly better in the ring and without Lana he would be unbearable. Ryan was never going to be a top star in WWE so they are better off cutting their loses.

  • Antony Alvarez

    Mason Ryan doesnt have a top notch heel side. But he would of been a great face just for the entertaining side of things like brodus clay an albert were doing before they split.

    And honestly they are right about him not being a face of wwe star, but i do believe he would of been a good crowd pleaser in some countries like how Dude Love was loved in some parts an dispiesed in others.

    But firing him means wwe just saved themselfs a ton of cash so they aint gonna feel bad over it or lose a night ssleep. theyd be there recounting to ensure they aint losing profit.

  • Jam

    So, apparently size does matter in the WWE.