Backstage News On WrestleMania Plans For CM Punk & Triple H, NXT Star To Join The Shield?

– For what it’s worth, it’s said that Triple H vs. CM Punk for WrestleMania XXX is a lock. Plans are to do another “Summer of Punk” style program, possibly leading to Punk vs. Batista at SummerSlam.

– The feeling is that when Roman Reigns turns babyface and splits from The Shield, likely in February, that he will be replaced with a new member in the group. Mason Ryan’s name has been discussed.

Photo: WWE Superstar Roman Reigns’ Mugshot


  • Bryan Thomas

    Mason ryan? Just end the shield once it roman leaves. Mason is a fail

  • Akemi Mokoto

    Holy shit, CM Punk vs Batista?! Those are my 2 favorites! I would fly to Summerslam to see tha.

  • Bryan Thomas

    Solomon crowe could bring his hacker gimmick to the shield. Pretty sure ambrose will be emotionally unstable at the time. They can turn the shield into a more sinister version. Insteadcof serving justice. They can serve chaos

  • James

    Yes wwe replace a Batista clone with another Batista clone XD and also I hope
    It is a summer of punk he’s my fav superstar and only reason I watch though wwe will F it up and make him job to a part timer again xD

  • Trainwreck

    Can imagine then doing that with The Shield to be fair!
    Just keep using Ambrose and Rollins to get big guys over.
    Mason Ryan, then Ryback, then Alexander Rusev and more anyone? Lmao.
    Don’t split them up, but if you do, leave it there.


    Not another Summer of Punk!.

  • Mr Slippyfist

    Really? Mason Ryan? I’m not sure i can think of many people under contract that are worse in the ring.

  • Jonathon Asuna Leafa Richards

    why not bring it someone from the current nxt roster

  • Darth_

    Punk vs. HHH will waste his talent! Not saying the game isn’t an incredible athlete, but I think Punk needs to focus on full time wrestlers… I hated that they put him to face the Undertaker as a last resort to cater for Rock vs. Cena. It would suck if this year he isn’t involved in a major story.

  • Jeff Pryce

    Still think that Punk should be main eventing Wrestlemania, not grappling with the King of Shovels, er, Kings.