Backstage News On WWE Battleground PPV, Vince McMahon Concerned For WrestleMania 30

– It was said to be a mess backstage at the WWE Battleground pay-per-view as the script was finalized the Friday before but now WWE creative isn’t being told about the match finishes until about two hours before showtime, which is why the betting odds swings are taking place later than before. It’s believed people in WWE call or text friends or family and have them bet for them, as opposed to people betting themselves from the arena.

– Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn “flipped their lids” when the power outage before the Battleground main event happened. It’s said Vince is now paranoid that the same thing is going to happen at WrestleMania XXX because it happened during the Super Bowl in the same building that will host WrestleMania. Vince’s concern is that not only are they running in the same building, but WrestleMania uses more power than the Super Bowl between lighting, pyro, production and everything else.


  • Jay Ciaravino

    SO back off on all the pyro and bs and let’s have a WRESTLEmania.

  • KMoore83

    The superbowl was not in NY last year, it was in New Orleans. Two totally different places.

    • Buddah

      give this man a cookie for that one the point is that there making is the poweroutages lets get you up to speed here and time to put your crash helmet on cause the short bus is coming

    • mcdermott

      Yes, and wrestlemania 30 is going to be in New Orleans this year thats why they’re concerned.

  • Eamonn

    Well I believe that no matter what, Wrestlemania 30 will be the make or break for the future of the WWE. I honestly hope that it is the MAKE.

  • junior butta

    vince paranoid, but of course *regal english accent*

  • TheReverendPuck

    How about instead of “blowing your lid,” you reach out to New Orleans and the Louisiana Stadium/Expo District and work with them, even if a temporary improvement?

    Getting angry over a fluke in Buffalo and them expanding it to a possibility in New Orleans six plus months out is ridiculous.

  • MrOldSchool

    How about better booking at your PPV’s and the 6 diva train wreck on RAW is not a good luck for this company