Backstage News On WWE Considering Second Money In The Bank Ladder Match This Month

As reported, the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Title will be decided in a Money In the Bank ladder match at the June 29th pay-per-view if Daniel Bryan is unable to compete against Kane in the Stretcher Match.

WWE officials are considering a second ladder match where the winner would get the future title shot, if the first ladder match ends up being for the vacant title.

However, the hope among WWE officials and the working idea is that Bryan vs. Kane will headline.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Joshua Williams

    Does anyone actually want to see Bryan vs. Kane again? I’m not a Bryan hater but the title should’ve been handed over, and the MITB match for the title would be a lot more compelling than another defense against Kane. Someone explain why Kane deserves another title shot.

    • HellRaiser27

      Kane hardly ever gets title shots. He deserves one a whole hell of a lot more than John Cena or Randy Orton

      • Joshua Williams

        Who has he beaten lately to deserve a title shot? And I don’t recall saying anything about giving Cena or Orton a shot, although Orton actually does deserve a rematch after losing at WM. So you’re wrong.

        • HellRaiser27

          It doesn’t matter If he has beaten anyone to deserve a title shot. John Cena had that elbow surgery came back after 2 month got a title shot and won it and he didn’t deserve it. That’s true I forgot Orton never cashed in his rematch clause that was my bad

          • Joshua Williams

            I guess I’m just tired of Kane. Oh excuse me… the DEMON Kane. The story just doesn’t make sense to me. Doesn’t matter though. Looks like D-Bry will drop the title tonight if the rumors are true. Cena will probably end up with the title again. Just shoot me.

          • HellRaiser27

            I’m hoping he doesn’t have to drop the titles but If he does from what I’ve been reading Cesaro will be the won winning the belt

          • Joshua Williams

            I’ve heard everything from Cesaro to Cena to Wyatt to Reigns. Even speculation on Del Rio. I wouldn’t mind Cesaro, Wyatt, or Reigns, but I can’t take another Cena title run at this point. Maybe somewhere down the line, but not now. For the love of God NOT NOW!

  • Yusei Asakura

    Honestly I think they should stick to the two ladder matches either way

    I mean it felt nice watching two cash ins and waiting to see which one would cash in first.

  • Todd Farabee

    bryan vs kane sounds stupid cuz we already can figure bryan is going to win. seeing as he is the “new” john cena

  • Necro

    I want two MiTB ladder matches, especially if Cesaro wins the vacated belt it’d be interesting to see who WWE would put the Briefcase on

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Wow, who else wants to see Bryan vs Kane?

    I wonder who will win this one…

    The WWE are purposely making us dislike the guy because of his poor booking and shitty fucking storylines

  • jmull

    Two matches is absolutely necessary if one is for the titles; having a MITB winner waiting to cash in is great.