Backstage News On WWE Match Of The Year, WWE Working With MLB.TV, Network Budget

Published On 12/09/2013 | By Staff | News

– While CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar isn’t nominated for the Match of the Year Slammy Award, a lot of people within WWE believe it was the company’s best match of the year. The match wasn’t nominated because Punk can’t have a better match with Lesnar than Triple H did and Punk vs. The Undertaker had to be listed.

– WWE is working with MLB.TV on the WWE Network to prevent problems with their online streams going down as viewership increases.

– Regarding the Network, the new annual budget for the project is reportedly $50 million or just under $50 million.


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  • The Colonist

    Triple H really needs to get over himself.

    • RauschGames

      But in order to do that, he’d have to bury himself. That’s like dividing by zero.

  • Phil Kimberley

    “The match wasn’t nominated because Punk can’t have a better match with Lesnar than Triple H did”

    Oh Hunter, you big girl.

  • Noel Lackey

    Why can’t he have a better match than Triple H? That guy has such an ego it’s unbelieveable!!

  • Ryan Williams

    Triple H needs to get over himself

  • MWS

    Punk can too have a better match with Lesnar than HHH. He proved that at Summerslam. Oh, wait, Hunter’s just being a douche bag like normal.

  • SemajTheSellout

    I enjoyed HHH vs Lesnar more than Punk vs Lesnar. Punk hasn’t been the same since coming back after Mania. However, I think Punk vs Taker wins overall anyway.

    • SemajTheSellout

      Nevermind. It wasn’t the match I thought it was. I didn’t know it was the cage match. I’m thinking about last summer slam. my bad