Backstage News On WWE Officials Being Upset With Ric Flair, SummerSlam Appearance Nixed

Reports of heat on Ric Flair for his behavior at the WWE 2K14 event on Saturday night has been confirmed. The feeling is that Flair “hi-jacked” the event. Word is that the video game people weren’t bothered at all but WWE officials were pretty upset.

Flair was close to signing a new public relations contract with WWE but Saturday night may have put that deal in jeopardy, at least for the time being. He was also scheduled to make a surprise SummerSlam appearance but that was nixed.


  • Karen Keener

    WWE needs to cut all ties with Flair. Whether you’re a Flair fan or not, you have to realize wherever he goes, he ends up causing bad press for himself and for anyone else involved. He’s been on a destructive path for awhile and I think it’s only going to get worse

  • Toni

    The guy is a nutbar. Obviously great wrestler, but still a nutbar.

  • ShadowBroker

    You have to consider what he’s been through these past two years though.

  • Internet Savior

    Who?? This guy is a joke definition of holding onto the past. Give up!!