Backstage News On WWE Pushing Daniel Bryan As A Top Superstar

In response to a recent report that there are higher-ups in WWE that believe Daniel Bryan isn’t really as over as his “yes!” chant and that there was a lot of concern over his future as a top star, it’s said that everything is still planned for Bryan to be the #2 guy behind John Cena for the foreseeable future.

  • Bryan

    Has anyone wondered what is next for bryan after this kane feud? Who will he face? Only guys i see is bray and cena, since sheamus is rumored to join evolution. There’s really no one relevant for him to face at the moment.

    • Necro

      Orton still has that “rematch clause”, will it be used? Who knows but that’s my best guess at this point.

      • Bryan

        I think one thing alot people would agree on, is that Daniel Bryan and Orton need a long break from each other lol. They just might feed Rusev to daniel bryan down the line.

  • ™Go†h

    so, bryan behind cena … that is a wrestler behind a bodybuilder …. that makes wwe -> wbe?

  • @ScottieRock28

    Maybe it’s just me, but I see a lot more Daniel Bryan shirts in the crowd than Orton, Bastista, or just about anyone else (besides Cena, of course). After all, this is a business, and it looks like Bryan is generating at least some revenue. Bryan’s character will eventually get stale and annoying, and then he’ll have a Heel-Turn, but it needs to happen naturally. I’m more than fine with Brock Lesnar winning the belt at SummerSlam against Bryan, especially if reports are true that Lesnar will be at other PPV’s after August. I think Bryan will be able to carry his momentum at least another 3-4 months and there’s no reason to deter it before then.

  • bakayaro_konoyaro666

    Well when cena gets back in the title picture, which will be within the next 4 months, i’ll be shifting my attention to ROH again lol

  • CMP

    Daniel Bryan THE WRESTLER made the chant over. Big Show and Del Rio leeched off it…unsuccessfully. When fans chant “Daniel Bryan” during the Cena/Orton feud or the Rumble…we’re chanting for the man not the phrase. These “higher ups” seem EXTREMELY out of touch and misinformed. The Rock’s catchphrases were huge too, does that mean he wasn’t “over” either?

  • da guy wit opinions

    This is a cut and paste site, where is the source? Bullshit speculation.