Backstage News On WWE Pushing Roman Reigns As A Top Guy & Plans Before Moving On

With WWE currently booking Roman Reigns as one of the top guys in a big way, it’s said that his ascension to the top likely would have been a slower one if Daniel Bryan was healthy and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion with John Cena as the other top guy.

Coming out of The Shield vs. Evolution feud and the split with The Shield, the idea is that Reigns will work a feud with Orton and maybe a big pay-per-view match with Triple H before moving on.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Wrestling_fan

    Well, he was being pushed highly even before Bryan’s injury, so….

    Btw, I still can’t figure out why HHH would put Reigns in the title match when one week back, they fired Vickie over the same thing. Would they rather have Cena as champ than Reigns!? Because fuck storylines, rt.?
    “It’s still real to me damn it!!”

    • tobimobi

      Exactly. It would have been more logical having Rollins in there instead.

      • codys moustache


        • Booboo

          Can’t have Rollins in there as he’s the MITB contract holder.

          • ksedude

            Holding MITB doesn’t exclude you from title shots otherwise.

  • Jeff Johnson

    Triple H made a tweet saying that there was a reason why he added Roman Reigns to the match. I’m sure we will find out why before Battleground gets here.

    • codys moustache

      You mean your sure they’ll think of something that makes sense before battleground.

      • Booboo

        highly unlikely

  • Mrs.Ambrose #TeamAmbrose

    WWE must see something in Reigns to give him a massive.

    • Rico

      Well, he is stepping up big in the absence of Bryan and making the most of the opportunity.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    I was a huge fan of Bryan, because of his wrestling, not so much his mic, skills which i thought were far more awful than Reigns, very bland and monotone, with the exception of the promo he gave when feuding w/Cena at SS. I think it’s a blessing in disguise that Reigns was given this monster push as more fans can tolerate him than Bryan. All the man needs to do is find his rhythm when talking on the mic and he’d be the total package. (Hopefully we get to see more moves out of him in the future, the WWE can’t be stupid enough to create a Cena 2.0)

    • thesmarktank

      Reigns has still not had one huge main event one on one match. I’ve seen glimmers of what it will be like: Boring. And I like Reigns, but he’s the wrong guy to pass the torch to.

    • Booboo

      Ooh yes they can my friend…..yes they can. (about the stupid part)

    • Xx_Deadpool_xX

      Hogan invented the 5 moves of doom it worked for him. Cena is Hogan 2.0

    • ksedude

      Stupid enough? Cena is their most valuable asset. Cena 2.0 is probably their exact aim lol. They don’t care if the smart fans don’t like it.

  • Tiny

    They should of announced a triple threat match followed by Reigns demanding a place in the match and then fighting for it, that way we get a build up of the HHH/Reigns fued, more logical reasoning and a Less rushed feel

  • Nicole Hannan

    I will settle for Reigns. At least its not another Cena Era. I used to be a huge Cena fan back in 2006 when he was relevant. Now its the same old shit. At least if its a different face of the company, then ill settle for it. See what they can do as the face or as champion. WE NEED CHANGE!

  • jmull

    It is very small minded to have only a couple top guys.

    • C.J.

      not when you are paying them millions of dollars

  • thatpj

    JR had this called a long time ago.