Backstage News on WWE Releasing Emma and Bringing Her Back a Few Hours Later

There were lots of people within WWE surprised about the firing of Emma, in comparison to other talents that didn’t get released when their offenses were far worse.

Regarding WWE bringing her back quickly, apparently the legal troubles of Jack Swagger and Cameron were brought up and how neither was fired. WWE faced a lot of criticism among fans for the release and that could have influenced their decision also.


  • Bryan

    They’ll make her job to Eva and Cameron from now on. If she is back, of course

  • Luis Suarez

    Change the ‘backstage news’ headline to ‘common sense’. Jesus Christ. Let’s do some real reporting here.

  • codys moustache

    U mean to tell me they fired her, then thought, wait a minute, swagger and that funkette didn’t get sacked, lets bring her back?? Is this really how wwe operates?
    Actually watching their show kinda answers that

  • Arvind

    She was already a Santino comedy act. I really don’t wish to see what they have in store for her now. It’s going to be painful.

  • Wrestling_fan

    JTG probably passed on the Vinnie Mac sex tape to Emma! It’s probably the “surprise package” which got delivered to their headqurters.

  • Laurence

    She needs to get out of there because she’s about to be buried. She was already being used badly, now she’ll be paired with Khali or made to be a Rosebud or something even more humiliating in Vince’s eyes… like doing the job to Ziggler.

  • Keegan

    Well.. Guess her new gig will be jobbing to Rusev! Haha

  • jmull

    Emma: new jobber to the jobbers.

  • Paul Petit-Frere

    If Emma’s gonna be buried on the main roster because of her arrest. She should be on NXT again & win the Women’s title because she had some great matches there