Backstage News On WWE’s Plans For Roman Reigns, Summer Rae Studies A Former Valet

– As of this past week, the plan to turn Roman Reigns babyface is scheduled to be fast-tracked. WWE officials are looking at him as being the new young golden boy of the promotion. On RAW this week they did nothing past put him in a position where his spear on Big Show was designed to make people pop.

Photo: WWE Superstar Roman Reigns’ Mugshot

– Some fans may have noticed that Summer Rae’s “Mean Girls” gimmick on NXT is similar to the mid-80’s UWF version of Missy Hyatt and that’s not a coincidence. Rae studied old tapes of the way Hyatt projected her character although the characters themselves are different. Dusty Rhodes knew this and the “First Lady of NXT” name they gave her specifically was modeled after Hyatt’s “First Lady of Wrestling” name.

Hot Photos Of Summer Rae Showing Off Her Body In A Bikini

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Colton

    If WWE breaks up the Shield it will be the biggest mistake since HHH started to run things…..

    • Nick Mancuso

      Let’s face it, sadly tag team wrestling is dead. The Wyatts will take their spot, then when the Wyatts break up someone else will usurp their spot as well. I just wish there would be a slower build. I hate seeing the words “fast tracked” in regards to anything in pro wrestling.

  • bryan

    They need to be focus on ambrose. Roman looks like he will be another 5 move wrestler.

    • fizzdaboi

      Smh… Every wrestler near enough has at least 5 moves they do before closing up a match..

    • Jason

      since Roman is related to Dwayne Johnson, of course WWE would see him as the new golden boy.

  • No Escaping Gravity

    They really need to develop The Shield’s characters… they haven’t at all to this point. And turning them into The Authority’s personal bodyguards has really hurt them.

    • Nick Mancuso

      I think their in ring style makes them different enough for the sake of being a team. The Shield (kayfabe) are supposed to represent a unit that think as one and works as one, so it kind of makes sense that they don’t necessarily have specified character descriptions. However, I think Ambrose’s malicious and brooding style translates to something like a serial killer, Rollins has a more high flying style (I thought he’d turn babyface first, into a Jeff Hardy type perhaps), and Reigns is clearly the muscular big man that Vince salivates over I picture him being pushed to the moon Batista style and if that happens I think he’ll be pretty good actually.

  • Freddy

    It is most definitely not time to break up the shield.