Backstage News On WWE’s Push For Rusev & This Year’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

– The original push for the late Umaga is being used as a template for Rusev’s current WWE push.

– It’s said that at least five of the seven Money In the Bank ladder match spots have been selected and they should be filled on RAW with qualifying matches this month. As noted, Cesaro is the favorite to win this year’s match.


  • Guest

    Glad they gave each of the shield members a pin, rather than give “superman” reigns all the glory!

  • Wrestling_fan

    There have been too many similar gimmicks and more often than not, they make it a mockery later on (kozlov, tensai etc.). This fact doesn’t make me take this gimmick seriously.

  • Laurence

    So Rusev will be given to Cena and then fall into obscurity.

  • cj

    I see the Umaga characterization with Lana being his version of Armando Estrada . But the build up is one we’ve seen too many times, big guy debuts, seems to be unstoppable, winning streak for a few months and as soon as he gets his first defeat he’s pretty much doomed from there. Vladimir Kozlov, Tensai, Ryback, even Umaga have all been there done that among others. That’s why I can’t buy into his hype just yet

    • Bryan

      Umaga was better. That was a real beast. One of the best big men. I put umaga up there with goldberg and lesnar

      • Wrestling_fan

        Anyone remember umaga as a part of 3-minute warning? lol