Backstage News On WWE’s Sting Video Cost, Why Fans At Raw Booed It, Sheamus vs. The Miz

– It was noted that some fans at RAW in Richmond Monday night booed after the Sting WWE 2K15 video aired because it appeared first that he may be debuting live in the arena.

Regarding the commercial for Sting’s inclusion in the game, 2K reportedly spent $200,000 to produce it.

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– The new feud between The Miz and Sheamus is scheduled to go for a few weeks. As reported, they will face each other on tonight’s Main Event episode.


  • Dr.Jon Kou

    Thats alot of money for a commercial, it was awesome though.

  • Darren

    It was pretty obvious the crowd was booing once they realized Sting wasn’t going to be there in person. You could hear them cheering during the promo.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Well why the fuck would you expect Sting to show up out of nowhere with no damn build.

    • Mario Cardone

      He posted a pic on twitter and said 7.14.14.

    • Jam

      Because that would obviously ruin the surprise. Also, Sting tweeted “7.14.14” a week before Raw which made people think he would make a surprise debut.

  • cj

    I’m glad Sting is in the game. There has to be an appearance down the line , if they’re doing it like the did with Ultimate Warrior, maybe it’s sting’s year for the HOF . Maybe .

    • James Tebrucio Luna

      Read the Article… 2K Spent that money not WWE…

      • cj

        Rereads …., hey you’re right lol . Thanks