Backstage News On X-Pac Appearing At The 1,000th WWE RAW

It is being reported that Sean Waltman is unlikely to appear at the 1,000th RAW. Two sources within the company say that Waltman is considered to be a serious liability for several reasons and his chances of being used are “slim to none.”

One source said that Waltman showed up uninvited to the NXT tapings at Full Sail University and began giving unsolicited advice to the talent. “He was browbeating the talent,” the source said, “and you just can’t show up without an invitation and do that crap.” He was asked to leave the taping. As a result of this incident, WWE is now beginning to deny alumni access to local WWE shows without permission.

Waltman has replied to the report and said there has always been a “guest list” for such tapings and that he simply wasn’t on the list. He says he left without entering rather than wait around to get things fixed. As to browbeating talent, he said, “That’s bullshit. Wrestlers come to me and ask that I help them; I don’t go to them.”

He added that he has been on the guest list previously and attended without issue; he has also been at FCW shows often without any issues. Another source notes that Waltman’s actions during WrestleMania weekend has led to the company distancing themselves from him. Waltman, who sleeps in the nude, was said to be locked out of his hotel room twice in a night and had to be escorted back completely naked by Hotel security.

Waltman’s reply to that was, “The naked part happened 15 years ago, and it was a funny story. This year [in Miami], I got locked out of my room, but I wasn’t naked.”

Regardless, don’t expect to see X-Pac at RAW in two weeks.