Backstage News & Possible Spoilers For WWE Hell In A Cell PPV On Sunday

Word from within WWE is that the script for Sunday’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view was just finalized but the feeling among some is that it’s almost certainly a dummy script and that the real script will come out just hours before the pay-per-view to mess with people trying to bet on outcomes.

Regarding the Cell main event with Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton, someone in WWE creative suggested a few weeks ago to have Big Show tear the cage door off leading to a finish.

As noted, Curtis Axel will defend the Intercontinental Title against Big E Langston on the pre-show. On the script that has been finalized, it’s not scheduled to be a title change but that could mean nothing if it is in fact a dummy script.

No word yet on the outcomes of the WWE Title match and the WWE Divas Title match but the idea was suggested to have Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella leave the pay-per-view as double champions.

For the WWE Tag Team Titles, WWE could put the belts back on The Shield but one working idea is to keep the belts on Cody Rhodes and Goldust until around Royal Rumble time at which point Dustin Rhodes, not Goldust, would turn on Cody, leading to brother vs. brother at WrestleMania XXX.


  • Steve

    If it’s a dummy script it has the WWE Title match result. I call B.S.

  • Jesse Bognanno

    we all know orton will when then all the cena fags can see orton vs cena at survivor series. cena gets both titles, becomes an even bigger douche and then goes back to being same old boring predictable super fruity pebble…

  • terry

    Bryan will win that to popular right now

  • CelticPride37

    I see Shawn Michaels making sure Bryan wins leading to Michaels vs HHH at a big ppv. Cena beating ADR and having Sandow cash in on Cena afterwards or the next night. Brie winning the title which eventually leads to Nikki being jealous splitting them up and having Brie vs Nikki at Mania. Rhodes vs Rhodes has to happen at mania since its both of their dream match. At some point Brock is gonna return and have a problem with Ryback being Heymans lead guy now which is gonna lead to Brock vs Ryback at Mania. Just some predictions of mine.