Backstage News On Ryback vs. Mark Henry At WM29, Rey Mysterio’s WWE Status, Fandango

– The likely Ryback vs. Mark Henry match for WrestleMania 29 is largely designed to actually let Ryback get a win on pay-per-view. It appears the idea of a Ryback heel turn has been dropped for now.

– We’ve noted how Rey Mysterio feared he had torn the ACL in his “good” knee a few weeks back but was told by Dr. James Andrews that he wouldn’t need surgery and can wrestle with the help of a special brace. While he will be able to wrestle, we likely won’t see him in the ring for a while.

For what it’s worth, Rey and WWE officials have been on very good terms as of late and they have been begging him to come back. It’s said that officials, at least this week, do not want him to leave and consider him a company man for life, even after he retires.

– There’s a feeling among some in WWE that Fandango won’t debut.


  • Paul Henley

    Fandango doesnt need to debut. WTF is WWE thinking? They really think we want to see this? No wonder we are in the dark ages in wrestling, the creative team is terrible