Backstage News On Vince McMahon, WWE Wants A More Mom & Kid-Friendly Product

– previously reported how Vince McMahon has been more hands-on backstage at RAW with Eric Pankowski gone. Vince is said to have been really on his game the past two weeks and was described as being like the Vince of old – revitalized and healthy.

– As reported, WWE is hiring for a new Vice President of WWE Kids Entertainment. They want someone who has worked in children’s programming for at least ten years and is into kids pop culture and current trends.

WWE is planning a specific initiative to gear up to promote their product harder with kids and families. Specifically, they are looking at new ideas and initiatives to make the WWE brand stronger with mothers and their children.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Johnathon Harvel

    So it’s going to be Barney the dinosaur vs the tellitubbies?…awesome.

  • What Is This?

    and numbers have come up before that kids watching wwe has almost cut in half since the attitude/ruthless aggression era….when kids would wear wrestling shirts to school and talk about it. Now it’s such watered down crap it’s shamed to watch wrestling past the 4th grade, my nephew watches old school stuff with his dad and always asks why it’s changed.

  • tobimobi

    I don’t get the american rating system. Ok we want to show people fighting to the smallest kid’s. What words and behavior do we have to leave out. So that is possible. What the hell? If they can handle seing to grown men throwing jumping and hitting each other in what they believe to be a real fight. But they will turn into gangsters an serial killers if they hear the F word. As a European that just doesn’t make sense.