Top WWE Storyline In Trouble?, Backstage News On WWE Negotiating With Former Divas

– Vince McMahon has been a fan of the Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter storyline but word at RAW Monday night was that there’s a lot of concern about the angle and its future. The program was originally designed to be a long-term feud to help get Del Rio as a babyface but those plans may be changing. There’s a feeling that the angle is not getting over on WWE TV but Zeb and Swagger are getting heat at live events.

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– The Bella Twins returning to WWE goes back 6 or 7 weeks when officials decided they wanted more women on TV and wanted to beef the Divas division up. At first, the plan was to call up some of the Divas from NXT but that idea was nixed. Then officials decided they wanted to bring back some of the WWE Divas who had left the company recently.

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It’s said that some of the Divas who recently left the company were offered more money than they were making before. Apparently some of the other Divas haven’t accepted offers yet but are in talks and may be waiting on better offers. The Bella Twins reportedly accepted WWE’s first offer. No word yet on which former Divas are in talks to return.

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  • Rhawk

    Please dont be Kelly Kelly, please let it be Maryse…

  • Michael Grooms

    WWE picked the two worst apples in the bunch to bring back. The Bellas can’t wrestle, can’t act, and are butt ugly.

  • knitemare

    Worst RAW in history.. I is the wwe officials on crack or something? Why bring the two worst untalented bimbos back on raw? I was so glad when they left but now they’re back? Okay Vince I guess you want the ratings to go down hill now.. The divas matches are utter boring the women can’t wrestle all they are is just eye candy and bathroom breaks LOL.. No point in diva matches.. Just have the bella twins join porn and i’ll be happy at least they’re worth watching on that LOL