Backstage News On WWE Raw Staying At Three Hours, Latest WWE Inbox, be a STAR

– The internal belief is that RAW will stick to three hours at least through WrestleMania 29. This doesn’t mean that it will go back to two hours after WrestleMania but there will definitely not be a change between now and then. There are top officials who believe that going to three hours hasn’t been good for the product.

– WWE announced today that their “be a STAR” alliance has reached 25,000 pledges to stop bullying. Fans can take the pledge at

– Here’s the latest episode of WWE Inbox:


  • suckmyblueballz

    I think it has been great for the product! You are replacing a GENERATION of wrestlers like HBK, HHH, Taker, SCSA, Rock, etc. etc. etc. Three hours has allowed for a lot more of the young up and comers to get tv time and also to develop their craft more. We have seen some great wrestling matches with the three hour format as well. Granted, we have to suffer thru a little more crap too but that comes with the territory. I don’t see how the product has SUFFERED because of the three hours. I get that it is a lot harder to do and that it is a lot harder on the performers but suck it up for a little bit longer. I think most fans knew that it would not be three hours forever, but at least give us one more year of it. It’s not like the creative part has gotten WORSE.