Backstage News On WWE’s Tag Team Division, Significant Things Planned For WWE Divas reported back in August that people within WWE expected Triple H to put more focus on the tag team division when he takes over more of Vince McMahon’s duties and gets more power.

That change is coming now as the new focus that we’ve seen lately on tag teams comes straight from Triple H. They hope to have a credible tag team division before the year is over.

The feeling back in August, was that more focus on tag teams would mean the Divas get put on the back burner. That doesn’t look to be the case as word is they have some significant things planned for the Divas division over the next few months.

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  • 666reapaholic

    Things are looking great for both divisions right now! I really love what WWE is doing w/ the tag team division; it’s so exciting! I haven’t felt this good about tag team matches since E&C, The Hardyz and the Dudleyz ran the tag team division and when Kane and Bryan layed out every tag team with chairs it brought back those old feelings. Also I love the divas storyline right now and I hope Beth Phoenix doesn’t leave any time soon because “the blonde” who attacked Kaitlyn makes for a good story!