Backstage Reaction To The Finish Of Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena At WWE SummerSlam

Regarding the finish to the SummerSlam WWE Title match, many people backstage believed it wads fantastic but some took the “now we can tell a great story and when Bryan gets his revenge it will get him over even more” stance.

Some took the “they should have let Bryan have his moment and it would have made him right there and he wouldn’t have had to be made after a chase” position.

Several within WWE also commented that the it made no sense for Bryan to not kick out considering how much time passed between Triple H’s Pedigree and Orton’s pin.

Few people also pointed out that it’s ridiculous that a maneuver from a retired wrestler is so devastating that it outdid anything that John Cena did in the match.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Kenny

    Triple H should have picked him up and allowed Prton to RKO him to make Orton seem bad aswell…

    • Kenny


      • Brock

        Agreed – made Triple H look more heel than Orton

  • Tom

    Triple H isn’t a retired wrestler……

  • zillabeast

    Prior to last night, the angle that made the most sense to me was to have Bryan win, and run with the title for a while, and if it was decided that things weren’t working out and they needed to move the belt, that Orton’s MITB cash-in would be available at a moment’s notice.

    However it now appears that WWE might not trust Bryan with a title run yet after all, and they want to see how he handles a revenge storyline, and whether or not that affects his good standing with the audience. And, if things don’t work out, they can always have Orton get the best of him, move on, and feud with either Punk or Cena.

  • Gonzo McGee

    Yeah, it would have been better if Bryan staggered into a RKO. I have a feeling that there are going to be a few more things in the coming weeks that I am not going to like. It’s all part of being a fan though. He kinda gave away his heel turn when he came out to the “King of Kings” intro. D-bag Triple H is back.

  • sterling

    great finish..its not brians time yet…

  • Jesse Bognanno

    evolution 2.0!!!

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    I predicted it exactly as it happened, point-for-point. Not at all a surprise ending, unless you’re 5-years-old. Orton is now the corporate champion and Cena is taking some time off. So hopefully this will push Bryan as the top babyface.

  • Willey

    Yeah, that is pretty dumb, Cena needed to take 2 spears from Edge, after going through a EC match, after bleeding heavily, and having time to recover after Vince came out and talked, an had to wait for the cage to raise

  • uibiub

    Don’t look into that much. He just finished a huge match with the face of the company, he was knackered and battered, then he gets hit with the pedigree. Don’t need to explain why he couldn’t kick out.

  • That Guy

    I don’t get people who say that the WWE doesn’t trust Bryan. He pinned Cena clean at a ppv. That doesn’t happen a whole lot. Also, I think the WWE is wary because when Punk got the belt last year, reaction grew quite for him after a while. Perhaps they believe that if Bryan is in another big time fued, he’ll look better in the end and further solidify his fan base.

    • Michael F

      well with Punk that is until he took his heel turn then instant heel heat. I think now though he has made himself as a top guy face or heel and will always get big reactions. Bryan will do the same after this feud with Orton.