Backstage Speculation On Alberto Del Rio’s WWE Departure, Who Has Interest In Him

The story going around is Alberto Del Rio slapped a reporter at this week’s TV tapings. We noted earlier it may have been a social media worker.

There are a variety of different stories going around about what led to this incident.

It’s expected that Del Rio will have a 90-day non-compete clause, which would apply to AAA and TNA, who both have interest in him. We’ve noted that AAA is expanding into the United States soon.


  • Necro

    One can only wonder….

  • Mario Cardone

    I see him going into TNA. TNA is a perfect place for B level WWE guys seem to go.

    • matthewgarriet

      Thank u

  • rudy

    AAA can build around him. He is as tough as they come.

  • Rico

    I would love to see him in TNA. They need all the help that they can get, and
    Del Rio would be a fine acquisition. Also could get more eyes on them.

  • Marck-WWEDivas

    Well it’s sad for me that WWE lost this amazing mexican wrestler, he was incredible here in Mexico especially in his roots here in San Luis Potosí. I see him going to TNA.

  • Jesse Reid

    Jeez.. Can’t believe they let him go. He was pretty much not over in any way at all anymore though. So it makes sense I guess

  • John Laundry

    No doubt one of the greatest WWE superstar ever, a superb talent, I hope he just retires like he said, all he wanted was more recognition in the WWE, he won’t go to TNA hes better then that. “My name is Alberto Del Riooooooo, but of course you already know that” Gonna miss him

  • D Goldman

    Glad to see him go, he was a over hyped “D+” wrestler and “F” entertainer.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    He’d be world champion as soon as he debuts on TNA tv

  • Luke

    Out of 11 commentators, I can’t believe I’m the first to suggest that Del Rio is an utter prick for assaulting a reporter. WWE were absolutely right to fire him for that.

    • Daigoji

      If he was responding to an ignorant & racist comment, he had absolutely every right to hit the guy and receive a warning/suspension and not a full release. Given his MMA background, and if the guy really did make a racists comment, that reporter prick was lucky worse didn’t happen.

      • Luke

        Nope. That’s not in proportion. If someone verbally insults you, insult them back. Hitting someone for saying something you don’t like is the act of a moron.

        • Daigoji

          The act of a moron is even resorting (if it occurred) to racial and derogatory slurs. Such ignorant morons warrant a good blow to attempt to knock sense into them, or at least teach them to keep their ignorance to themselves. There is no proportion when it comes to racial slurs, and the “turn the other cheek” and civil disobedience “high road” allows the filth to perpetuate.

          So I agree to disagree.

          • Luke

            Fairly sure there is more than one act that counts as moronic… Being racist is moronic. Hitting someone for being racist is also moronic. Explaining to someone why what they’ve said is wrong would be the civilised thing to do. Going to Vince and having the reporter fired would have been the smart thing to do. Hitting the reporter, as evidenced by the fact Del Rio has been fired, was probably the least smart thing that could have possibly been done.

            Also where’s the racism thing come from?? I’ve not seen that in any reports?