Backstage Talk On Emma’s Raw Return & Stephanie’s Arrest Happening On The Same Night

As seen on last week’s RAW, WWE Diva Emma made her return to Monday nights after being off for a few weeks following her arrest for theft in June.

It’s said within WWE that Stephanie McMahon’s arrest angle, that also took place last week, was not a coincidence. WWE may have put these on the same show to poke fun at Emma for her arrest.


  • alex ferns

    looks like emma is not the only one who steals the show

  • thatpj

    Poor EMMA. Hopefully she’ll get out of comedy jobber status soon.

  • ChloeMatthews

    I wish people would let go the stealing incident. Emma’s been embarrassed enough. It happened weeks ago, just forget about it and move on.

  • xFoxylicious #Foxin365

    Immatures. Please, grow some sense and just freaking leave her alone. Like, seriously…. just when you think WWE’s level of immaturity can’t get to a new level, it does.

    • Guest

      COME ON GUYS!!!

  • xnyer

    Is not like Emma was the first WWE superstar arrested……….