Backstage Talk On Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose, WWE NXT Star Getting Called Up Soon?

– At one point, WWE officials did talk about making Dean Ambrose turn on The Shield before but while the Seth Rollins turn was a late decision, it’s said that it wasn’t an Ambrose turn changed into a Rollins turn.

– There was talk this past week that WWE may bring NXT star Kalisto to the main roster by the end of the year as WWE still feels that they need to have a Latino babyface.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • jmull

    I loved Rollins’ promo on Monday.

  • Wrestling_fan

    Seth Rollins is a latino as well.

    • ddwwe

      no he’s not. he is armenian. his adopted father is latin

      • Bryan

        So wikipedia is wrong?

        • RVD4Life

          Wikipedia as your reliable source?? smh

          • Bryan

            At first i thought he was half armenian, the one day i was on wiki and i read something different. Now i’m hearing armenian again, so idk

          • ddwwe

            he said it on the art of wrestling podcast he did right after he signed with wwe

  • Monkey D. Luffy



    Kalisto aka Samuray Del Sol is an amazing luchadore in the ring, his wrestling skills are phenomenal and very innovative.

    Reminds e of a younger Rey Mysterio but wayyy better.

    Can’t wait to see him on the main roster and get buried by Sheamus.

    Honestly, why don’t they give these luchadore wrestlers some credit and actually move up from the midcard status by giving them some actual storyline instead of being jobbers.

    Kalistos talent is not to be underutilized by any means. Don’t FUCK this up WWE!

    • Bryan

      They will fuck it up luffy.

      • Monkey D. Luffy

        DAMN IT TO HELL!

      • Corey Botwinis

        Why do you watch it every week if you are always knocking on the product bryan?

        • Bryan

          Is what i say not true? Or does the truth hurt and no one wants to hear it? I’m a big fan of the truth. Here’s some more ugly truth for ya, prescription medicine is poison, Christianity is bullshit. You’re favorite wrestler most likely had to get fucked in the ass to get where he’s at….. and oh yea, the wwe product isn’t all that great right now.

      • Aston

        All you do is bitch and whine and complain, if something is so bad why do you watch it?

        • Bryan

          Same reason you’re replying to me i guess. Save yourself the energy because nothing’s changing

          • Aston

            I dont understand how you can sit and watch something you obviously dont seem to enjoy, wheres the fun and wheres the sense in doing it?

          • Bryan

            I’ve explained this sooo many times. Don’t feel like explaining anymore. Run along.

          • Aston

            Ok I look forward to watching you continue to book WWE shows through the internet