Backstage Update On Ric Flair’s WWE Return & Possible Angle With The Miz Or Dolph Ziggler

The report from The Wrestling Observer this week that Ric Flair is scheduled to undergo WWE medical testing in Pittsburgh so that he can be brought back to TV as a regular character has also been confirmed by PWInsider. reported that Flair wanted to work with Dolph Ziggler. PWInsider notes that idea was shot down. Word going around indeed is that Flair will be put with The Miz again. Flair must past all of WWE’s necessary tests before he can be brought back.

  • Necro

    What the fuck did Ziggler do, seriously it pisses me off he’s getting treated like this and no one knows why, putting Flair with Ziggler would be a perfect way to get back to where he was before the concussion and now he is barely on tv anymore. For fuck sake WWE, what did he do!

  • Bryan

    Fuck the miz. I admit he was a good heel back in 2010, but he’s never impressed me in the ring.

  • Todd Farabee

    what could an old man like flair, who is way past his prime, possibly do? i’d like to know that

    • Monkey D. Luffy

      probably something, but not nearly as near as a guy like Paul Heyman

      • Jared Mosher

        Get WWE Network and watch Ric Flair. He is legend.

    • jmull

      To ask that question, you must not know Flair’s history. He is one of the most entertaining talkers/personalities in the history of pro wrestling. When handled right, he brings instant legitimacy to whoever he is working with, much like Heyman.

  • james reynolds

    him and ziggler would be epic he would make a perfect manager and it would make great tv , ziggler is better the miz in the ring out of the ring on the mic he would be a great champion it pisses me off to see him getting jobbed every week

  • jmull

    They push people like the Miz and Ziggler, but the second the ratings drop AT ALL they blame these guys and push them back to the mid card in a panic. They blamed a lower than expected WM27 buy rate in the Miz — maybe it was because Punk was losing to Orton on the mid card, Michael Cole and Snooki had matches, and nobody believed HHH could beat the streak (or get anything close to what Shawn did out of the Undertaker)!

    • pancho

      Ill agree with most of what u said, but Hhh had a great match with Taker.

      • jmull

        He did have a good match, but did anyone buy the PPV for that match? Maybe a few, but the buildup wasn’t great, and I doubt anyone believed the streak was in any real jeopardy. Their match didn’t have shit on Taker/Michaels 1 or 2

        • pancho

          I disagree. I thought their first match was nearly as good as the second HBK/Taker match.

          • jmull

            To each their own. I love the HHH heel character (not so much as the authority though), but I’ve never really loved his in ring work.

  • Bryan

    But remember guys, they said “this is a great time to be wrestling fan.” Smh

  • Josh

    Flair/Ziggler would be $$$$$$$ both same hair lol, its only fitting,
    What the fuck has ziggler done to be help back by WWE constantly. he was a great champion #FuckYouWWE