Backstage Update On Richards & Edwards, Who’s The Safest In WWE?, Santino Marella

– Regarding Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, their “internship role” with WWE NXT is apparently running through March 2014. Word is that they have been model employees while working with WWE and there have been no issues whatsoever. It’s believed they were destroyed by The Ascension in their first NXT match to test how they would react to it and everything turned out fine.

– The word going around WWE is that the two safest people right now are Nikki Bella and Big E Langston because they are closest to John Cena.

– Santino Marella is ready to wear his tuxedo on Monday’s Slammys RAW. He tweeted:

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  • cj

    As long as Nikki has Total Divas and John Cena, she isn’t going anywhere. I’m surprised they don’t have her in the title picture because of her Cena connect .

  • PaulCena

    Is that job safe or in ring safe?