Backstage Update On The Status of Filming For WWE Tough Enough & Legends House 2 reported that filming for the new season of WWE Tough Enough was scheduled to begin at the Performance Center last week but it’s been pushed back, possibly until late 2014, due to budget cuts. Word is that if the show is done, the production budget will be greatly cut. People working on the show were informed earlier this month that filming was postponed until October.

Regarding a second season of Legends House, which was also delayed, the idea had been for it to go into production this coming October but now there’s talk that there may not be a second season at all. One TV source in a country where Legends House airs on TV was recently told there will not be a second season. A WWE source says there will be a second season but filming won’t take place until after Tough Enough wraps, or probably not until early 2015.

The first season of Legends House, besides pay-per-view events, was often the most-watched show on the WWE Network. The Network’s reality shows are also the most expensive programming.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Man, and i was pretty excited for Tough Enough too.

    I’d be interested in a Legend’s House if they ever got Shieky and Hogan in