Backstage WWE TLC Photos Of The New Unified Champion & With Vince McMahon

Triple H posted these photos of the new WWE Unified World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton, and with Vince McMahon:

  • The Professor

    Randy Orton is the greatest of all time!

    • Josh

      And you know it

  • Drew

    I agree, thank goodness Cena did not win. I would have stopped watching WWE until the idiot retires. So sick of the little boy with absolute no talent. He makes the whole WWE look fake, he takes what looks like a beating and jumps back on his feet like nothing happened. Come on, we know most stuff isn’t real but as a company shouldn’t they say to themselves “this guy sucks and is making us look absolutely fake.” Fire the idiot and bring back something like the attitude era with real chair shots and blood.

    One last thing, I think we should all start a chant during John’s entrance music when the trumpets play “John Cena Sucks,” just like what they did to Kurt Angle with the “You suck” chant during his entrance music.

    • disappointed fan

      Every time Orton wins it’s by someone interfering in the match. First it was the shield,next was Shawn Michaels, HHH has something to with it every time. Orton was good years ago,but then they put him on the shelf because he wasn’t performing the way he was expected. Daniel Bryan is the future.McMahon is going to ruin WWE again,because he always has to back one person instead of giving the fans what they want.The WWE hasn’t been great since Stone cold,Rock,HHH,and Shawn Michaels were the main events.

    • Mr. Hesse

      Yeah no you wouldn’t.

      Don’t like it? Don’t watch. Make the ratings plummet whenever Cena is on screen. Until then, you’re part of your own problem. Shut up.

      And chair shots and blood is all that makes you a fan? You’re not a fan then.

    • mko86

      Two Words Hulk Hogan

    • Enrique Chimpman Martinez

      “He makes the whole WWE look fake”

      I’ve got some news for you.

  • Shane

    People dissing on orton, i think they are missing the point of a what a heel is meant to represent. Classic heels don’t destroy people they are villains they’ll win at all costs by cheating, interference etc

  • Yusei

    Honestly this is golden right now This build up the handcuffs? This is the perfect chance to turn Cena Heel. I’d go on and rehash the old Rock Vs Stone Cold WM match where Stone Cold basically “Sold his soul” to Vince to become champion again. I’d play it off like the ” Wwe universe Screwed John Cena Not HHH But the fans Playing off Orton throwing the keys into the crowd”

  • steven

    orton is not a champion….has not wo a match without cheating or having someone come out…. this has been happening since he turned in the money in the bank briefcase…. cena love him or hate him has not had someone come out or cheat to win….first one there last one to leave…. in my view it should have been cena who won at tlc..

  • Jordan Ryan

    lets face it, there will never be 1 champion, this is a publicity stunt, orton wont have the energy to do, raw, smackdown, main event and ppv, give it till rumble and it will be 2 champions

  • tarius washington

    what u talking about john cena is better