Bad News Barrett Comments On His Injury, John Cena Talks Money In The Bank, WM Rewind

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett tweeted the following early this morning after suffering a shoulder injury at the SmackDown tapings

– There was no dark main event after Tuesday night’s WWE TV tapings in Pittsburgh despite an eight-man match being advertised.

– John Cena tweeted the following about this Sunday’s WWE Money In the Bank:

– For the second week in a row WWE Network did not announce a new episode of WrestleMania Rewind for the next week.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    typical Cena, kissing ass as usual.

    All signs point to a Cena victory, if that does indeed happen, i hope they boo his phony ass in his own hometown.

    I don’t mind seeing him win A TITLE, but not both. I’d prefer to see Bray take A TITLE too so that they can continue their UNFINISHED feud.

    If their feud were to end RIGHT NOW. I would classify that as Cena burying Bray Wyatt. Bray is a future World Champion. Cena is past his prime with multiple championships. Bray had 1 victory over Cena. Cena had 2 victories, I’d even go on to say that Bray’s ‘victory’ at Extreme Rules was a loss and a victory to Cena since they made him look like a cowardly heel instead of the badass which he truly is. Cena even defeated Bray at Wrestlemania 30. To end this feud now is simply burying Bray, in order for his dissipating momentum to rise again, he needs to OBLITERATE CENA. WIN BOTH TITLES AND BECOME THE ULTIMATE BADASS HEEL IN THE COMPANY. Then they could feed him to the upcoming top babyface, Roman Reigns. EVERYBODY FUCKING WINS!

    You can’t just fucking leave Bray after defeating him multiple times, this is a dude that doesn’t need help to be elevated, all he needs is to DESTROY Cena.

    Bray Wyatt is a more valuable asset to the company in the long run than Cena will ever be.

    • pancho

      I disagree. I don’t think all signs point to a Cena victory. I think it’s very up in the air. I could see Reigns, Wyatt, or Cesaro possibly winning the match.

      • Monkey D. Luffy

        Reigns will NOT win, simply because it is too early. He is yet to establish himself as a singles competitor. The reason why the I.C title has lost it’s prestige is because the WWE gave away that title to anyone that was hot at the time. Giving the title to Reigns NOW will only diminish the legacy of the two titles and hurt Reigns’ in the process. He will most likely feud with HHH at SummerSlam without the straps.

        Cesaro is a possibility. A strong possibility. But i doubt they would make the same mistake they did with Bryan by giving him the title NOW since he isn’t completely over. The reason why champions prospered in the past such as The Rock, Austin, HBK, Taker and HHH was because of 3 thing:

        -They were over
        -They were dependent
        -They were ready

        Cesaro needs more polishing, don’t get me wrong, i’d love to see him with the gold and then feud with Lesnar which would make sense when he returns. But i don’t think it’s his time now.

        Bray Wyatt is a favourite of mine. I actually want to see him win but don’t see it happening at the same time for a reason similar to Cesaro. However, Bray is an established guy in the company. He has perfected his unique mic skills, ring psychology, has an awesome moveset, badass personality and gimmick similar to that of The Undertaker, he could easily flip between Heel/Face. He has all the characteristics of a world champion, it’s just a matter of time.
        However, given the current circumstances, i can definitely see them putting the strap(s) on Cena since he is Mr. Reliable.

        But controversy would sell for the unanimous victor of the WWEWHC Ladder match, and the way to stir controversy is by pitting both Cena and Bray as champions by having them grab one of the two titles at the same time. This would further lengthen their feud giving it another purpose and reason for Bray to beat Cena and establish himself as a Taker/Austin/Rock/HBK/HHH.

        THAT! is the only way i see him getting elevated.

        • theripperdannyb

          Typical Cena hater.

          Bray Wyatt is not ready, I love him, don’t get me wrong, but he has had ONE major feud in the company, he gets the belt, drops it and then what?

          I don’t know if you noticed, but Cena has already given his time to the company, so stop whining. Whatever happens it is going to be an awesome match so stop being a little bitch, pretending that Cena is a phony and not worthy of his career, and go suck a lemon

          • Monkey D. Luffy

            This actually made me lol.

            “Cena has already given his time to the company”

            So why is he STILL in the main events?

            To put over younger talent? Who exactly got the rub from Cena for the past 9 years?

            Bray? Sandow? Ziggler? there are a lot more, such as the Nexus, but these are the recent ones.

            Now take Cena’s dick out of your mouth and stop being a glorified ass licker. You’re protecting Cena more than the WWE and that is speaking volumes.

          • theripperdannyb

            Please, put your big boy pants on and listen, because I am not going to give you any more time after this.

            Over the years many stars have gotten starts from being around Cena. Edge, RVD, CM Punk and Barrett to name a few, in turn, they have helped others.

            However, these days, if someone is to go over Cena, there is no weight to it, because people don’t believe in Cena, therefore beating him these days has very little magnitude, what matters is putting on great shows with him, something which Ziggler and Bray have done.

            Is it Cena’s fault that the boys in back drop the ball with these new guys? No, but I don’t see anyone bashing HHH, Randy Orton or Punk for not helping new guys go over. Same old stick, different day. What matter is new talent working well with new talent, that is what people want to see, and Bray/Roman/Ambrose/Rollins going over any one of the other up and comers means more, the classic back and forth that kept HHH/Rock/Austin in the limelight 15 years ago.

            Unlike some, I respect hard work, and being celebrated for working your damn ass off for ten plus years is not a cop out, get off your keyboard and try it, you might find out.

        • Aston

          At the end of the day Cena will probably win it just because they need ratings or some bullshit like that, I wouldnt mind seeing Randy climbing the ladder with the help of kane only for kane to turn on him and get the title himself that might work alright then they could maybe do the burried alive match with Bryan if he returns soon

        • pancho

          If Randy Orton can be the youngest champ then I dont see why someone like Reigns cant be champ now. Will it work? Only one way to find out. Again, I would not be surprised if one of the former Shield members walks out champ at this PPV (whether its Reigns or possibly Rollins or Ambrose cashing in). Those three are red hot and what better way to bring all three into the main event scene than MITB? A lot depends on the plans for Bryan at Summerslam. From what I have seen they were planning Lesnar/Bryan at SS. What now? I think that fued will be saved for Mania now. Just my opinion. Maybe we get Cena/Lesner at SS which would NOT need the strap at stake. That would leave the Shield open to fued with one another for the title at SS meaning one of them wins at MITB. Or Wyatt/Kane win and fued with DB at SS. But, I definitely could see the Cena/Wyatt scenario with the dueling of the belts like u mentioned. The more I think the less likely I see Cesaro winning. Just doesnt make sense to me at this point. No way the others really have a chance (Sheamus, ADR, and Barret). So, I see it rather open. Im looking forward to it.

  • Guest

    Cena should replace Barrett, win both MITB matches & then cash it on himself to become a 16 time champion. Furthur, he should win the RR next year & main event WM against himself, becoming a 17 time champ and overtaking Flair.

    • Monkey D. Luffy

      lmfao this was funnyyyyyyyyyy

      • Wrestling_fan

        Along with it, posted this image as well, for some reason it didn’t get uploaded initially.

        • Jam

          I fucking love this thread.

  • Latoya

    Well hopefully that means he will be cleared and this whole thing was either another, almost freak accident or a work(I’m going with the latter based on response). All signs do point to Cena, but it would be nice to see some actual CREATIVITY from creative. Was hoping that by bringing Kane in they would give the title to him, so Bryan could return and they would pick up where they left off. Oh well one can dream.