Bad News Barrett Talks About Wanting To Become WWE World Heavyweight Champion

As seen below, WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett recently spoke with CBS Cleveland’s Chris Van Vliet about Cody Rhodes creating his gimmick, the WWE World Heavyweight Title and more. Barrett talked about the title:

“I’ve always said that I want to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The Intercontinental Championship is nice and this is my fourth time having it but as far as I’m concerned, I’m ready to take a step up and become the man in the WWE. That’s where I want to get to and if Bad News Barrett is the vehicle that gets me there then great, but if not I’ll keep plugging away and one day I’ll be Britain’s first WWE World Heavyweight Champion – a certain part of it isn’t up to me and I’ve got to rely on certain people making certain decisions so hopefully that works out in my favor.”

  • thesmarktank

    He’s totally ready. He has a couple sweet signatures (Wasteland and Winds of Change) and an awesome finisher that can all come out of nowhere for some great spots with anyone. And his gimmick is hot right now. If they’re smart, they should capitalize on his current momentum.

  • Adnan

    I feel Bad News Barrett just needs to add 2 or 3 impact moves to his arsenal, moves that dont neccessary look to finish a match but just do damage, like roman reigns has that kick, orton has his ddt, bryan has his turnbuckle dropkicks. Barrett needs something like that, because he has used Wasteland and Winds of Change as his finish, so those signatures are good for false finishes and even finishes on Raw and Smackdown, not every match has to end with the guys finish, you could end it some with the signatures.