Bad News Barrett’s Status Still Unknown, Sin Cara Works NXT Live Event, SmackDown Fallout

– WWE made no announcement on Bad News Barrett’s status for Money In the Bank on tonight’s SmackDown. We know that Barrett had x-rays the day after he suffered a shoulder injury at Tuesday’s tapings and then returned home. No word yet if he will be in action on Sunday.

– Sin Cara worked Friday’s WWE NXT live event in Leesburg, Florida. He teamed with Kalisto to defeat the team of Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy.

– Paige is featured on Fallout from this week’s SmackDown:

  • Latoya

    He’s still listed for the live event tomorrow and by now they would’ve pulled him out if it wad REALLY bad, so maybe they will have him use his cast as a weapon, make the injury add to his legimitacy. Even though I would LOVE to see Naomi win, specially after her eye injury, Paige will retain.

    • nbdynprtcular

      A cast on his shoulder?

      • Latoya

        Ooo so technical, I was semi-joking, but yes a cast for his arm because even if it’s his shoulder he will still need support for the arm attached to his shoulder. He could use that or something else as a weapon(it’s been done before). Or just start a feud with Swagger since he’s suppose to be getting a push this summer anyway.

  • Laurence

    He should come out and say ‘I got some bad new for you, I can’t compete so one of these losers is going to have the briefcase’ or do a heel promo of some kind if he can’t wrestle.