Balls Mahoney Stripped Of Belt, Walk Maryse Ouellet Ringside

— The official Facebook page of the Orlando, Florida based independent wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling Xtreme announced Thursday that due to personal issues, they had no choice but to remove Balls Mahoney from upcoming events and strip him of the title he has been defending for close to a year.

A moderator of the page then wrote Saturday, “Has anyone found Balls Mahoney’s last tooth yet? Rumor has it he put it under his pillow in the tent he’s been sleeping in for the tooth fairy to drop off a dollar so he could get some Crystal Meth..”

Another page moderator added that while Mahoney had never pulled a no-show, they had too many issues with the former ECW star to continue working with him.

— There is an auction on eBay where the winner will accompany former WWE Diva Maryse to the ring at Saturday’s Pro Wrestling Superstars Show at the Westin Los Angeles Airport in Los Angeles, California.

The auction description reads: “The lovely Maryse needs somebody to walk her to ringside, and we don’t have ANYBODY manly enough for the job. This is your chance to walk arm in arm with this supermodel and former WWE Diva. Don’t get any crazy ideas that she’ll be going anywhere but to the ring with you, we heard her boyfriend is pretty tough and lives locally.”

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