!BANG! TV Report – Dory Funk Jr. Has Returned to St. Louis

Information Credit Dave Meltzer – Wrestling Observer

–The Dory Funk Jr. return to St. Louis, which if you noticed here, got a ton of local publicity, drew a sellout of 300 fans last night in East Carondelet, IL: (Funking Conservatory Athletes in Bold – Officiating Funking Conservatory Matches, Claudia “The Claw” Reiff) Leo Cristinia b Johnny Romano, Chase King b Wayne Mitchell, LMC & Johnny Courageous b Tony Raze & Max Archer, Jose Salinas b Jayson Falcone, Chris Harges b Waco-DQ, Mad Dog Madetzke b Fuschichu Masuku, Luke Spencer b Bobby Dee, Dave Vaughn DCOR Big Texan, Dory Funk Jr. & Chas Wesson & Gary Jackson b Ron Powers & Kevin X & Sean Vincent. Dory worked 7-8 minutes in the trios match, doing simple but effective spots with Powers and Vincent, and pinned Powers in the third fall of a 2/3 fall match. The third fall winning crowd pop was described by Larry Matysik as the biggest he’s heard at a local indie show and to give Powers a lot of credit as a heel along with the crowd being there to see Dory Funk Jr. still perform.

Now on !BANG! TV from East St. Louis Missouri a “Tradition of Credibility in Wrestling” initiated by Sam Muchnick and carried on by Sam’s protégé, Larry Matysik and Herb Simmons online at http://www.dory-funk.com – Dory Funk Jr., Chas Wesson and Gary Jackson vs Ron Powers, Kevin X and Sean Vincent plus all Funking Conservatory Wrestling Matches from St. Louis..
Next !BANG! TV Taping comes to the Funking Conservatory Sound Stage next Saturday May 28th Support Your Troops 66, “Parade of Champions.”

Australian Rules Tag Team Match
Dory Funk Jr. and Jose Salinas vs Fushicho Masuku (Immortal Mask) and Arachna Man

Double Elimination “5 Ladies Battle for the Belt” Royale
Ms. Looki Atmi (Champion) vs Claudia “The Claw” Reiff vs Radiant Rain vs iCandy vs Barbara Garcia.

Funking Conservatory World Championship
Luke Spencer (Champion) vs Fushicho Masuku (Immortal Mask)

ABC Fredericks Appliance Championship – Mad-Dog Madetzke vs Jason Falcone (Champion).

Also appearing, Cory Weston from San Antonio and Chico Adams from Massachusetts.
The next !BANG! TV Taping comes to Funking Conservatory Wrestling Saturday May 28th, Support Your Troops 66, “Parade of Champions.”

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Now online at http://www.dory-funk.com – All Funking Conservatory Wrestling Matches from St. Louis and The history of Dory Funk Jr. as NWA World Champion in St. Louis – (4 1/2 years)

Dory Funk Jr. is the coach of WWE, TNA, NXT Lucha and Japanese Wrestling Talent