!BANG! TV Report – They Loved to Fight

During my playing days at West Texas State University at the athletic dormitory, Buffalo Courts, my room mate Jim Woods (Quarter Back from Claude, Texas) and I shared restroom facilities with Franklin Thrasher (Linebacker from Matador, Texas and Tommy Lovelace (Linebacker from Farewell, Texas).

Lovelace and Thrasher loved to fight. My roommate, Jim Woods was a great quarterback and definitely a “ladies Man,” but that is another story.

Thrasher and Loveless loved to fight and often would go out on the town looking for trouble but their tough reputation had grown so much often they could find nobody to fight.

On many occasions they would come in late at night with clothes torn, waking me up laughing because they could find nobody to fight so they had fought each other.

We have two wrestlers in the Funking Conservatory, Damien Steele and Karl “Mad-Dog” Madetzke who remind me much of Thrasher and Lovelace. “They love to fight.”

Now on !BANG! TV, not a wrestling match, not a No DQ match, just a fight and !BANG! TV Reality Cameras were there to catch all the action.

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